Schiffman's English Dictionary of the Tamil Verb

In co-operation with Dr. Renganathan and Prof. Schiffman from University of Pennsylvania's Department of South Asia Studies, we have developed a free online version of their English Dictionary of the Tamil Verb, which can be accessed at Covering 25 years of Prof. Schiffman's work, the dictionary is designed for English speakers learning Tamil, and provides verb classes (using the Tamil Lexicon scheme), transitivity status, as well as an example usage with translation in both literary and spoken Tamil. Most of the entries contain audio recording of the spoken usage sentence.

API interface can be made available on request.

Look up a verb from here:

Tamil Dictionaries

We are developing an application for Windows devices (PC and phones) that simultaneously searches most of the online Tamil dictionaries available. The currently suported dictionary sources are:

  • DSAL: Tamil Lexicon
  • DSAL: Fabricius's Tamil and English dictionary
  • DSAL: McAlpin's Core vocabulary for Tamil
  • DSAL: Winslow's Comprehensive Tamil and English dictionary of high and low Tamil
  • Schiffman: An English Dictionary of the Tamil Verb
  • Cre-A: Kriyāviṉ taṟkālat tamiḻ akarāti
  • English-Tamil-German Dictionary
  • Microsoft: Terminology Collection
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Google Translate

The application supports reverse searching in English, either as provided by the dictionary source, or by the means of full-text search. It allows you to work with "favourite" dictionaries and it also keeps history of searches for your quick reference.

We are now accepting requests for beta-testing at Feel free to also let us know if you are missing your favourite dictionary in the list!