Indic Input Web Pane

Office Web Add-In

Frequently Asked Questions

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What characters are supported?

All characters with diacritics listed in ISO 15919 Annex A are available, in both lower case and upper case:

Are the characters normalized/precomposed/combining?

Whenever possible, precomposed characters are inserted. Characters that do no have precomposed forms use combining diacritics, which includes the breve, ring bellow and candrabindu. Using precomposed characters means that your font needs to support each character individually. Let us know if you are interested in entering all characters using combining diacritics.

How can I continue typing or insert characters after each other?

Unfortunately, in order to support Mac, iPad and web users, the add-in needs to be a web add-in written in Javascript. This API does not allow any control of focus or caret (cursor) position, so the inserted character has to either remain selected or be inserted without moving the caret, and you need to click or tap back into the document to continue writing. Windows users can potentially have much superior experience and user interface if there was a demand.

Does the add-in analyze my document?

No. The sole purpose of add-in is to insert characters into your document when other means of input are unavailable, it does not access or read the document content.

Do you record which characters I insert?

No. The add-in does not collect or transfer any data. Once opened, it works locally in your browser/application.

What applications are supported?

Currently the add-in is available only for Word and PowerPoint, including Mac and iPad versions. Other Office applications can be enabled easily, however, the experience is not great (e.g. only the whole cell in Excel can be set to a chosen character). Let us know if you need to input transliteration characters into other Office applications too.